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Pre-Made Book Talks for Teachers

Pre-made book talks are a great way to engage your students in learning about books they could reading during independent reading times.

Pre-made book talks are great for any grade!

The library is and always has been a magical place for me. Walking into a building stocked floor to ceiling with books I can browse and read for free on a million different subjects and by authors, both known and those waiting to be discovered is my idea of heaven. 

As an English teacher, I want to instill a similar love of all things literary in my students – to help them love the idea of reading as much as I do. 

One of the best ways to get students to pick up a book is through personal recommendations and book talks. With this in mind, I often give book talks to my classes – short talks which preview a bunch of books that they might be interested in reading.  

It would be impossible for teachers to keep up with all the different titles of books their students may want to read.

If you have this problem too, I have a great solution for you Premade Book Talks for Middle and High School Teachers. These premade book talk slideshows are a great way to preview and get your students interested in reading without having to try and fit reading a thousand different books in amongst the million other things you have on your teaching plate.  

In this resource, teachers are provided with links to Google Slides which they copy to their own Google Drive.  Each slide comes with a book summary and a place for the teacher to insert the book cover photo. 20 different themed book talks are included with topics ranging from “Best Grade 6 Books” to “World War Two Themed Novels for High School Students.” Each book talk includes about ten books and is 100% editable so you can add or subtract titles to fit your situation and needs.  

Designed to inspire reading amongst students and for ease of use on teachers’ parts, this resource will be a great addition to your classroom.

Note:  This resource requires some prep as teachers will have to add the photos for each book as copyright laws prevent me from including the photos myself.  This is simple to do with quick Google searches and should not take a large amount of time on your part.

Want to learn more about this pre-made book talks resource? Find this resource on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD.

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