Month: June 2021

Reading engagement is vital to the success of students. Learn about four different creative reading lessons.

Creative Reading Lessons

It can be a challenge to find rigorous yet creative reading lessons. Reading engagement is vital to the success of students.  While some students find ways to develop this engagement independently, the vast majority of students have improved outcomes when you help them develop it. Today let’s talk about four

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Alternative Reading Formats

Alternative reading formats are often overlooked in English classes. There have always been a lot of forms of literature and reading material to choose from when picking what to include in our curriculum — poetry, short stories, novels, biography, nonfiction, etc.  Today those choices are even wider.   Most teachers have

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4 Reasons to Teach Short Stories

Teachers might feel like they need reasons to teach short stories in lieu of or in addition to novels. Short stories often hold an interesting place in language arts classes.  While some teachers do focus on them as a specific unit, many of us use them as fillers or a

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How To Prepare To Teach A New Novel

It can be a daunting task to think about preparing to teach a new novel. Whether it is because you have a new job, the curriculum at your school changes, or because you just need a change of pace and pick a fresh novel to use in your classes, preparing

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Pre-Made Book Talks for Teachers

Pre-made book talks are great for any grade! The library is and always has been a magical place for me. Walking into a building stocked floor to ceiling with books I can browse and read for free on a million different subjects and by authors, both known and those waiting

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