Why Use Digital Escape Rooms in Middle School?

Digital escape rooms in middle school are a great learning and engaging activity to use with your middle school students. Read about 4 reasons why.

Digital escape rooms in middle school are a great learning and engaging activity to use with your middle school students. Below are four reasons I love using digital escape rooms in middle school with my classes.

Reasons Supporting Digital Escape Rooms in Middle School

1. Collaboration and Team Building 

Students work in groups (or independently if they prefer) to solve each challenge. This helps students build their socioemotional skills. Students at this age love to work with their peers and friends. This is a great constructive use of their school time as they are working together on a common task. 

2. No Prep 

Teachers are provided with a force copy link which gives them their own copy of the digital escape room. They do not need any paper or a printer for the challenges. No cutting and gluing are required by the teacher or students before students use the digital escape room. Less mess = less stress!

3. Skill Practice 

Students work on their reading and listening comprehension skills as well as developing their critical thinking skills in the other challenges

4. Physical or Digital Classrooms

Since these are made in Google Forms they can be used in person or online. Students can access Google Forms on almost any device -cell phones, tablets, Chromebooks or computers. 

5. Perfect Holiday Celebration Activity

Want to celebrate a holiday with your middle school students? Try a holiday-themed escape room. Setting up a class party with decorations and food is a lot of work but digital escape rooms are a no-prep fun way to acknowledge and celebrate a holiday. They also work well for the last day before a school break. Students are ENGAGED!

How Do 2 Peas and a Dog Digital Escape Rooms Work?

Each digital escape room is built-in Google Forms. If students are to leave Google Forms it is to a location like YouTube, Jigsaw Planet, news articles and then they come back to the Google Form to type their answer. All student work is contained within the Google Form so teachers can look at all of the data at once. 

Since the escape room is built-in Google Forms you get your own copy of the escape room that you can edit to suit the needs of your students. For example, if your district blocks YouTube, but allows YouTube links within a safety website redirect you can change the link in the escape room. I also like to use the Google Extension Print Friendly and PDF when sending students online articles because I can erase the ads and give them a link to a PDF hosted in my school Google Drive.

Each escape room comes with 10 different challenges “locks” that students have to solve. They cannot move ahead to another lock until they solve the current lock they are working on. The locks require students to use literacy skills like reading and listening comprehension as well as general world knowledge for match column activities. 

Want To Try An Escape Room With Your Classes?

Click here to download a sample escape room.

What Do Teachers Say?

My students and I LOVE the escape rooms from Two Peas and a Dog! They are GREAT for both in-person and distance learners.

My students really enjoyed this escape room last Friday. This morning the students asked me if we could do another one this week. I love your products!

My students loved having a fun break from our normal lesson. Most of them didn’t even realize that they were learning. I consider it a win for the two days before winter break. 

I hope you take the time to invest and try some digital escape rooms in middle school.

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