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Year: 2020

14 Ways To Make Geography Class Fun

It is not challenging to make geography class fun and engaging if you use some of the ideas below. Unfortunately, Social Sciences get a bad reputation for being boring – which is the farthest from the truth. Gone are the days of independently reading the textbook and silently writing the

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Graffiti Brainstorm Teaching Strategy

Using a graffiti brainstorm teaching strategy is a great way to activate students’ knowledge about a topic of study. It is really important that we as teachers add variety to our lessons. No student wants to read and answer questions every class. Students need time to interact with their peers

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Free classroom decor ideas for middle school classrooms from 2 Peas and a Dog.

Free Classroom Decor

Accessing free classroom decor is important for all teachers. Money is tight at the end of the summer after not being paid for 2-3 months. Last week a teacher reached out to me and asked if I had any ideas for decorating a classroom on a budget this year. I

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Great Classroom Management Strategies For Middle School

Classroom management strategies for middle school are not the same as elementary strategies. Middle school students are a unique mix of child and teen. Classroom management is a hugely important skill that teachers need to master in order to have successful classroom spaces. Check out this list for classroom management

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Is your classroom messy? Do you have trouble finding items? Check out these classroom organization ideas from teachers for teachers.

Classroom Organization Ideas

Is your classroom messy? Do you have trouble finding items? I love organizing my classroom. I am always looking for the best teacher organization ideas. I love looking at how other teachers have organized their lessons and classrooms because teachers have the best organizational ideas. Check out these classroom organization

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Students find determining what's important challenging. Use this strategy to increase their confidence.

What’s Important Teaching Strategy

The what’s important teaching strategy is a fantastic way to help students learn. It can be hard for students to determine what’s important in their classroom readings. Use this strategy to help them become confident readers of informational texts.  How Does The What’s Important Teaching Strategy Work? Prepare the text

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Engaging and relevant digital back to school activities for middle school students from 2 Peas and a Dog.

Digital Back to School Activities for Middle School

It is officially back-to-school season. This year will look a little different than previous years given the different health regulations to help prevent the spread of Covid-19. I have compiled a list of digital back-to-school activities for middle school students in this article. The activities can be completed in person

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Full Year Lesson Plans For Middle School ELA from 2 Peas and a Dog

Full Year Lesson Plans For Middle School ELA

Are you looking for full year lesson plans for middle school ELA? Finding quality middle school lesson plans can be a challenge. Many things online are either too young for this age group or too complicated. The lesson plans listed below have been used in my Grade 7 & 8

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