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Switching from Google Drive to Zip Files

Switch from Google Drive to Zip Files

For several years, 2 Peas and a Dog has provided the individual PDFs of our resources through a Google Drive link. This Google Drive method has been switched to a zip file method that can be downloaded from Teacher Pay Teachers. 

Why The Change?

The intention was that teachers would download the Google Drive folders to their own hard drives, then upload them to their school or personal Google Drives. Unfortunately, too many students were given direct access to these folders and this slowed down Google Drive access. 

Accessing The Zip Files

If you already own the unit (because you purchased it from TPT), then go to your My Purchases section on TPT, search for the resource and click download. You will get the new zip file. 

Can’t find the purchase on TPT? You will need to contact TPT directly. Sellers have no control over purchases or accounts. Use this link to contact TPT about your purchase. 

Need Tech Support?

The instructions and videos below will show you how to access and download the new zip files from Teachers Pay Teachers, upload them to your Google Drive and share them with your students via Google Classroom. 

Zip Files

These fantastic instructions from the Teachers Pay Teachers website explain how to download and unzip a file using a Mac, PC or Chromebook. Read the blog post here

Using PDFs with Google Classroom

You can upload PDFs directly to Google Classroom from your hard drive or you can upload the PDFs directly to your Google Drive, and then upload the PDFs to Google Classroom. The following video demonstrates both options.

More Videos

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