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Classroom Organization Ideas

Is your classroom messy? Do you have trouble finding items? Check out these classroom organization ideas from teachers for teachers.

Is your classroom messy? Do you have trouble finding items? I love organizing my classroom. I am always looking for the best teacher organization ideas. I love looking at how other teachers have organized their lessons and classrooms because teachers have the best organizational ideas. Check out these classroom organization ideas.

Below is a list curated from real teachers about how they organize their classrooms.

  • Use a rolling drawer cart for photocopies.
  • Use the 3 plastic drawers found at most home stores. 
  • Give papers back only on Fridays – this builds a routine with students and saves class time.
  • Colour code all items by class or by period.
  • Place photocopies in the order they will be used throughout the day. Use an upright file holder to help them stay organized and wrinkle free. 
  • Create a PowerPoint/Google slide for each class’/periods’ bell work, and flip to the slide when the bell rings. 
  • Use a learning management system like Google Classroom or Schoology if you are a 1:1 campus
  • Use a coloured file folder for missing/absent work.
  • Use a mailbox paper sorter to organize papers. 
  • Use hanging file folders to organize copies. 
  • Use a three drawer cart for each class – drawer one for copies, drawer two for work, and drawer three for returned work.
  • Use a crate/plastic bin to collect each group’s work.

  • Make a “To Grade” list on paper or Google Keep then cross off items as they are completed.
  • Enter grades online once a week – set a specific date and time that you will do this. Do not schedule anything during this block of time. This will help you stay up to date. 
  • Keep class textbooks in separate piles. 
  • Use an expanding file folder to plan – label pockets with Monday to Friday, answer key, master copy and copies to make folder.
  • Have students use a notebook for all their work, create a table of contents on the first few pages and collect it once a week to grade. 
  • Use a hanging file folder and label each day of the week, place absent work in the appropriate day for students to check and collect their work.
  • Place a folder on the bulletin board labelled “Absent”.
  • Place all extras in a bin and recycle after each grading period or completion of a unit.
  • Scan a copy of each worksheet onto your website each day or use a digital table of contents to help students find missing work. 
  • Have students write their number at the top of the paper, in addition to their first and last name, to assist with grading.
  • Create a chart in alphabetical order for homework with columns labelled Late, Not Done, and Complete.
  • Place binder clipped paper stacks in large Ziploc freezer bags for safe storage.
  • Use a three tier rolling cart from Ikea for student workbook storage.  
  • When bringing papers home to grade, ensure the container has a well sealing lid. 

I hope these teacher organization ideas gave you some things to think about as you plan out your classroom space. 

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