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Why Should You Use Podcasts In Middle School?

Podcasts are a fantastic way to consume information and get free entertainment. I love using podcasts in middle school. Students like lesson variety, and using podcasts provides an additional way of getting information.

Why Should You Use Podcasts in Middle School?

  1. They are short pieces of content. They are not lengthy like some audiobook chapters tend to be.
  2. They are very engaging – voice actors, sound effects, and cliffhangers.
  3. They are accessible. Students can listen to the audio file and/or read the transcripts.
  4. Access from anywhere since they are hosted online. Students can access these files online or at school.
  5. Podcasts come in a variety of topics, genres, and subjects. I am sure everyone can find something they would like.
  6. Narrative podcasts require the same reading comprehension skills from students as other narrative works.

Popular Middle School Podcasts

  1. The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel
  2. Six Minutes
  3. Remy’s Life…Interrupted
  4. Becoming Mother Earth
  5. Tumble Science
  6. Smash Boom Best

Free Podcasts in Middle School Workshop

Want to try using podcasts with your students but are not sure where to start? Maybe you already use podcasts but want more ideas on how to use them with your students.

If you answered yes to either of those two statements, then you need to sign up for my FREE virtual workshop, “How To Use Podcasts In The Classroom.”

Teachers will come away with practical ideas on how to integrate podcasts into existing lesson plans. Click the image below to grab your spot in this free virtual workshop.

Use podcasts in your classroom with this complete Mars Patel Unit.

Mars Patel Unit from 2 Peas and a Dog

Mars Patel Podcast Listening Comprehension Unit comes in both a PDF and digital format to be used in the classroom or through online learning.

Use this engaging podcast to keep students engaged while learning about literary elements and literary devices, and practicing their reading comprehension skills.

This complete “novel” study unit contains:

  • 160+ Pages of Resources
  • Detailed Lesson Plans
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Anchor Charts
  • Reading Comprehension Questions
  • Individual PDFs for Google Drive
  • Google Slides for 1:1 Schools
  • Self-Marking Google Forms Quizzes

Unit Outline:

  1. Podcast Non-Fiction Article & Comprehension Questions (contains regular & modified text, audio file)
  2. Making Predictions Graphic Organizers
  3. Mars Patel Sketching Sheets Graphic Organizers
  4. Mars Patel Podcast Episodes #1 – 10 Comprehension Questions (PDF, Editable, and Self-Marking Google Forms versions)
  5. Podcast Reading Strategies Graphic Organizers
  6. Literary Elements Lessons and Graphic Organizers
  7. Mars Patel Unit Test (PDF, Editable, and Self-Marking Google Forms versions)
  8. Create Your Own Podcast Project

Find the Mars Patel Podcast Listening Comprehension Unit on Shopify CAD or Teachers Pay Teachers USD.

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