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Month: July 2020

Why Should You Use Podcasts in Middle School?

Podcasts are a fantastic way to consume information and get free entertainment. I love using podcasts in middle school. Students like lesson variety, and using podcasts provides an additional way of getting information. Why Should You Use Podcasts in Middle School? There are many benefits to using podcasts in the

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Digital Learning in the English Language Arts Classroom

Digital learning in the English Language Arts classroom can be a challenge if you are not prepared. Teachers learned a lot about digital learning during the 2020 Covid-19 emergency digital learning that occurred.  Below are my top 3 tips for digital learning. 1. Giving students choices is very important in

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Use the jigsaw teaching strategy to engage your students and give them more ownership of their learning.

Jigsaw Teaching Strategy

The Jigsaw teaching strategy gives students more ownership of the learning process and they must learn content and teach it to their peers. How Does The Jigsaw Teaching Strategy Work? Divide your class into groups of three to six students.  Group sizes will depend on the nature of the class

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Engaging & Easy 4th and 5th Grade Novels

Interesting and engaging 4th and 5th-grade novels can be a challenge to find. It is important that we continually evaluate the novels in our classroom to ensure they meet modern-day interests and reflect modern-day society’s values and beliefs. This blog post contains affiliate links that are of no cost to

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A fantastic list of middle school novels in verse for middle school English Language Arts from 2 Peas and a Dog. #novelsinverse #middleschoolbooks #middleschoolELA #booklists

Engaging Middle Grades Books in Verse

Middle grades books in verse are a great way to get all students reading, especially reluctant readers who are intimidated by the long paragraphs found in traditionally formatted novels. This blog post provides 18 different suggestions for middle grades books in verse along with a brief summary to help you

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