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Useful Teacher Tech Tools

Check out these awesome tech tools for teachers from 2 Peas and a Dog. #edtech #classroomtechnology #classroomtech

Teacher tech tools are important because classroom technology continues to evolve a be a huge part of the classroom environment. I can remember thinking I was tech-rich in my first classroom with two old desktop computers that could access the internet. 

Teachers are always looking for ways to make their classes more engaging and efficient. The teacher tech tools discussed below will help teachers streamline their lesson planning and grading. Technology classroom management strategies will also be discussed. Learn about hyperdocs, blended learning, and student assessment. 


It is our job as educators to prepare our students for their future. When students are provided choice over space, pace, process and product they begin to engage more with the content being taught. HyperDocs are an excellent way to differentiate classroom lessons to help your students learn the content in a format geared towards the 21st-century learner. 

Hyperdocs Classroom Management

It is important to establish clear routines and procedures when using technology in the classroom. Learn about the ed-tech tools that provide an engaging HyperDocs experience for your students. 

Blended Learning

Support blended learning by trying this useful Google Chrome Extension to save photocopying time and paper. Creating an Online Table of Contents

Here is how to use an online table of contents to help students stay organized. 

Managing Technology in the Classroom

Schools are now full of technology that adds an additional section to our classroom management plans. Develop technology classroom management procedures to help your classroom function smoothly without constant interruptions to learning. 

Student Assessments Using Technology

Read a detailed explanation of how to use Plickers, Kahoot, Ed Puzzle, and Google Classroom for student assessment. 

Want more teacher tech tools ideas? Check out the technology section on the blog.

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