How Do Teachers Know It’s Report Card Season

Report card season is something every teacher experiences several times a year. The 12 items listed in this blog post will help you recognize if you are in the report card season. #teacherhumour #teacherhumor #teachers

Report card season – every teachers’ favourite time right? I highly doubt that. The 12 items listed below will help you recognize if you are in the report card season. I hope this teacher humour blog post brings a smile to your face.

  1. Your dinners look like Olivia Pope’s from Scandal -popcorn and/or take out 
  2. Your bedtime gets later every night.
  3. You begin discussing the use of an Oxford comma with your colleagues and principals. 
  4. Your marking pile truly looks like a mountain. 
  5. You compose comments in your head during your commute to and from work.
  6. You might have tried to open your front door with the car remote. 
  7. Your students are reflecting on and setting new smart goals. 
  8. You begin to wonder who these people are living in your house. 
  9. Your spouse/significant other know to “stay away” from you during this time period. 
  10. Your computer is complaining from overuse (insert breaking computer noise)
  11. Your hand hurts from marking. 
  12. Your fingers are numb from typing reports and entering marks. 

If any of these criteria sound familiar you know you are teaching in report card season. 

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