June Lesson Plans for Middle School ELA

Use these June lesson plans for middle school ELA classes to help reduce your planning workload from 2 Peas and a Dog. #lessonplans #middleschoolELA #englishlanguagearts #middleschool

June has arrived and you made it! You can use these June lesson plans for middle school ELA and end the year on a strong note. Remember you are just as ready for summer vacation as your students are. But before you can head out to the pool with a book to read just for fun, you need to finish out this month. If you are like me though, you have a couple of weeks to fill, but you don’t want filler activities. Let’s talk about June lesson plans for middle school ELA.

During the month of June, my classes focus on two very important skill sets:

  • Comparison Skills Comparing things, especially things that seem similar on the surface, is an important life skill.  Students will need it when they consider things like colleges they might want to attend, jobs they might want to take, or candidates they might want to vote for. By teaching the critical thinking skills necessary for these comparisons in my classroom, I help prepare my students for bigger decisions later in life.
  • Discussing Controversial Topics In a day and age where issues so often divide us and discussions about hot button topics seem to inevitably devolve into shouting matches, learning how to productively dialogue on these sorts of topics is more important than ever. By teaching these skills now, I help my students become more productive and positive contributors to society.

Try These Print and Go Resources This Month

Focus on Reading and Writing

Book vs Movie Assignment

Book Versus Movie Comparison Analysis Project Use this project to help students gain higher-order thinking skills.  Students will select a book to read that has been made into a movie. Through a series of assignments, students will demonstrate their understanding of both the book and the movie.  Students will compare and contrast the novel and the movie’s plot, characters, setting, and theme.

Focus on Speaking and Listening 

Hot Topics Class Discussion Assignment This no-prep discussion assignment helps students be informed about and engaged with important social issues in any content area.  This can be used with any non-fiction text, news broadcast, documentary, or video on any topic.

Focus on Media Literacy

End of the Year Memory Book

End of the Year Memory Book Have your students capture their favourite school memories with these memory book templates. This highly engaging project is a great addition to the end of the year activities for any grade level. It is also a cost-effective yearbook/memory book option for schools that want to publish a yearbook without the large cost associated with a traditional yearbook.

Articles To Inform Your Teaching

Well friends, if you have been following this series we have made it from September to June. I hope you have found these monthly updates to be useful and have discovered (or rediscovered) a few ideas that you have been able to implement in your own classroom.  

Have a wonderful summer vacation!

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