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Try these flipped classroom tools to help create engaging lessons. Flipped learning, blended learning, Chromebooks, iPads! Keeping up with technology can be a full-time job – if you’re looking to reap the benefits without searching endlessly on Pinterest –  you’ve come to the right place!

In this blog post, I’ve put together a collection of some of my most popular tech-related blog posts to help support a flipped classroom or a blended learning environment. Topics include innovative and helpful tech tools for the ELA classroom, ideas for integrating tech into your teaching, constructive uses for Smartphones in the classroom, HyperDocs and much more!

General Tech Resources

Integrating Technology Into The ELA Classroom

Technology can be integrated into any subject area. Check out how other teachers are using technology in their English Language Arts classrooms.

Technology Ideas For The English Language Arts Classroom

Technology can be a great tool for teacher collaboration, student learning as well as student assessment. Read great ideas on how to use more technology in your English Language Arts program.

Smartphones In The Classroom

BYOD (Bring your own device) is a becoming a popular trend in education to help schools save money and students become familiar with the technology they already have. Discover technology ideas and classroom management policies around BYOD.

Blended and “Flipped” Learning Resources

Support Digital Learning With Print Friendly And PDF

Support blended learning by trying this useful Google Chrome Extension to save photocopying time and paper.

Digital Learning Tools For Teachers And Students

Learn about three great digital learning technology tools to help make your lessons more engaging for students.

How To Create An Online Table Of Contents For Blended Learning

Use an online table of contents to help students stay organized.

Use Hyper Docs To Increase Student Engagement

When students are provided choice over space, pace, process and product they begin to engage more with the content being taught. HyperDocs are an excellent way to differentiate classroom lessons to help your students learn the content in a format geared towards the 21st-century learner.

Using Technology For Student Assessments

Read a detailed explanation of how to use Plickers, Kahoot, Edpuzzle, and Google Classroom for student assessment.

5 Ways To Differentiate Using Technology

Differentiation is key to ensuring our students are successful. With all of the technology, many of our students have access to, it’s important that we utilize these tools to our benefit.

Classroom Management

Managing Technology In The Classroom

Schools are now full of technology that adds an additional section to our classroom management plans. Develop technology classroom management procedures to help your classroom function smoothly without constant interruptions to learning.

Hyperdocs Q & A Edtech Tools And Classroom Management

It is important to establish clear routines and procedures when using technology in the classroom. Learn about the ed-tech tools that provide an engaging HyperDocs experience for your students.

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