Month: March 2020

Use this great list of popular middle school books to help your students find their next book to read.

Popular Middle School Books

It can be challenging to know what popular middle school books students actually want to read. Last year I had my two 7th grade English Language Arts classes create a list of the best books they read that year. This blog post contains affiliate links that are of no cost

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Teaching middle school Math is not easy. In this article, you will find free math resources and enrichment freebies, tips for using the GRASS strategy, and links to popular math resources available on Teachers Pay Teachers from 2 Peas and a Dog. #math #mathlessons #teacherspayteachers

Tips for Teaching Middle School Math

Teaching middle school math isn’t always as easy. That’s why I’ve gathered up some of my top math-themed blog posts to give you the upper hand. In this blog post-round-up, you will find free math resources and enrichment freebies, tips for using the GRASS strategy, and links to some of

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Online learning can be stressful. Use these ideas to make online learning for English Language Arts work for teachers and students. Try these online learning ideas for kids. Middle school online learning can work - don't get discouraged and try these ideas and lessons from 2 Peas and a Dog.

Online Learning For English Language Arts

Online learning for English Language Arts is not easy for parents, teachers or students.  I never thought that a global trend of remote teaching would occur. Even though technology advances daily, the social benefits of attending a brick and mortar school are amazing. Literally overnight the world changed.  Last Thursday

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Stop boring lessons and class discussions! Learn how to use the Concentric Circles teaching strategy in your classroom.

Concentric Circles Teaching Strategy

The concentric circles teaching strategy is a great tool to keep in your lesson planning toolbox. It is a different format for class discussions or reviewing concepts. How Does The Concentric Circles Teaching Strategy Work? Divide the class in half.  Have the students in the first half form a circle

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Learn more about flipped classrooms and blended learning and how to integrate this innovative and engaging technology into your classroom from 2 Peas and a Dog. #technology #edtech #blendedlearning #flippedclassroom

Flipped Classroom Tools

Try these flipped classroom tools to help create engaging lessons. Flipped learning, blended learning, Chromebooks, iPads! Keeping up with technology can be a full-time job – if you’re looking to reap the benefits without searching endlessly on Pinterest –  you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, I’ve

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This FREE persuasive writing unit is

By using highly-engaging rants, your students won’t even realize you’ve channeled their daily rants and complaints into high-quality, writing!

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