March Lesson Plans for Middle School ELA

Use these March lesson plans for middle school ELA classes to help reduce your planning workload from 2 Peas and a Dog. #lessonplans #middleschoolELA #englishlanguagearts #middleschool

March lesson plans for middle school ELA need to help students focus on their studies as the excitement of Spring Break is in the air. Let’s talk about March lesson plans for middle school ELA.

During the month of March, my classes focus on two very important skill sets:

  • Symbolism Understanding symbolism is a universally important skill in understanding literature, and it is not always an easy one to master.  How do students know when a blue dress is just a blue dress and when it is something more? How do they decide what that more is? And how do they go about incorporating this symbolism into their own writing?  During the month of March, we focus on these things.
  • Reading Non-Fiction Texts Works of fiction are some of the first things from the literary world that our children are introduced to.  From nursery rhymes to children’s books to short novels as they get older, fiction dominates the field. Non-fiction, though, is a huge, diverse, and incredibly important genre as well and one that students need to be exposed to, understand and be comfortable with. During March, I aim to work toward this.

Try These Print and Go Resources This Month

Focus on Reading, Writing, Speaking

Biography Symbolism Assignment

Biography Symbolism Assignment In this assignment students will read a biography, memoir, or autobiography and then create a life map outlining the important events in their chosen person’s life. After creating the life map in the Biography Symbolism Assignment, students will provide a written explanation of this life map. Once students have finished their research and writing, students will craft and present an oral presentation of the life maps they have created.

Focus on Media Literacy

Writing Media Reviews Lesson Plan

Media Literacy Review Writing This lesson bundle contains sixteen different media types (Cellphone, Social Media App, Theatre Performance, Musical, Radio Station, Magazine, Newspaper, Subscription Service, Book, Advertisement, TV Show, Song, App, Video Game, Commercial and Movie) for students to review. Help your students purposely engage with the media using this differentiated review writing lesson bundle.

Consumer Awareness Media Literacy Lesson Plan

Consumer Awareness Lessons (Bundle) For the month of March I again pick another of these consumer awareness lessons to use in my classroom.  Topics include check out charities, clothing waste, gender price differences, outlet vs. retail, bottled water, misleading food labels, breakfast sandwiches, makeup testers, fast food chicken, and healthy or junk food.  There is no particular order that these have to be covered in, I just pick what appeals to me, my students, and any current trends in my classroom.

Articles To Inform Your Teaching

And that is my March. I hope some of the things I have shared here can help you in your own classroom and teaching. Try a free lesson sample ELA lesson from 2 Peas and a Dog — grab it here

Have a great day and stay tuned for April’s lessons.

Additional Monthly Lessons

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