High School Book Recommendations

High school book recommendations can be challenging to find. Teachers and parents use these high school books lists to find books than teen readers will read. Stop #fakereading! #highschoolbooklists #highschoolbookrecommendations #teenbooks #yabooks

High school book recommendations can be challenging to find. Today’s teens do not want to read the “classics” that their parents might have read 20 years ago. Some of the classic novels are good, but so many are terribly boring. Two of my favourite genres are YA fiction and dystopian fiction.

Books today are written with characters that teen readers can relate to. They also address current issues that teens are exposed to each day as they live their lives and scan through their social media pages: racism, divorce, sexual identity, bullying to name a few.  Below is are links to several curated high school book recommendations lists for teachers, parents or anyone who enjoys reading YA fiction.

YA Book Lists

Book Lists By Topic/Theme

YA Book Reviews

Middle School Book Lists

Middle school books are not just for middle school students. Many books on these curated lists are enjoyable for middle and high school students. These lists are sorted by genre, topic and theme.

Teach English Language Arts?

Check out this booklist of top profession reading for ELA teachers.

Reading Resources for Teachers

If you are a middle or high school English teacher these resources would be a great addition to your classroom.

Reading resources for busy middle school and high school teachers. #novelstudy #bookreports #bookreport #middleschoolela #highschoolela

Novel Study Unit for Any Novel

This resource can be used to teach ANY novel for whole-class novel studies, book clubs, literature circles or independent reading.

Students will enjoy this differentiated and engaging unit. This unit focuses on the literary elements of plot, character, setting, theme, and conflict as well as these literary devices: similes, metaphors, symbols and foreshadowing.

Use this unit to introduce or review literary elements and literary devices with your students.


Reading resources for busy middle school and high school teachers. #novelstudy #bookreports #bookreport #middleschoolela #highschoolela

Reading Journal Assignment

Keep your students organized during independent reading. This independent reading assignment is a collection of 6 Independent Reading Tracking Forms and 1 Reading Journal Assignment.

These reading tracking forms help students stay organized and purposeful during reading workshop or independent reading time. Easy to use assessment forms are included to ensure student accountability and less teacher marking stress.


Reading resources for busy middle school and high school teachers. #novelstudy #bookreports #bookreport #middleschoolela #highschoolela

Book Versus Movie

Use this Book Versus Movie Analysis Project to help students gain higher-order thinking skills as they compare their favourite book to the movie. Students will select a book to read that has been made into a movie.

They will have a series of assignments to complete that demonstrate their understanding of both the book and the movie. Students will compare and contrast the novel and the movie’s plot, characters, setting, and theme. Each section of the assignment includes a due date option to ensure to space out your marking load.


Reading resources for busy middle school and high school teachers. #novelstudy #bookreports #bookreport #middleschoolela #highschoolela

12 Genre Book Reports

Help your students dive deeper into their reading with these 12 different book report assignments. Each assignment enables students to showcase their creativity while meeting your curriculum standards. This book report set covers both Fiction and Non-Fiction Genres.

The assignment type rotates every three months helping students achieve mastery, while still providing student choice. Lessons are completely stand-alone and can be used in conjunction with any other reading and/or ELA program.


Student Book Talk AssignmentReading resources for busy middle school and high school teachers. #novelstudy #bookreports #bookreport #middleschoolela #highschoolela

Get your students excited about reading by listening to their peers’ book recommendations. In this book talk assignment, students have the option of persuading their peers to read or not read a book. This assignment is not your traditional book talk as students must think of a creative way to present this to their classmates i.e. dressing up like a librarian or pretending to be a character from the novel.





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