Year: 2020

Teacher Time-Saving Tips

  We are all looking for teacher time-saving tips. I have compiled my most favourite ideas in this blog post to help teachers save time so they have more time to spend with the people they love. This blog post contains affiliate links that are of no cost to the

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This article will cover strategies and ideas for finding a new teaching job after a move. Read these helpful tips from 2 Peas and a Dog.

Finding A New Teaching Job After A Move

Finding a new teaching job after a move can be stressful and exhausting. One of the great things about being a teacher is that teaching is not a location-dependent profession. If your spouse’s job moves you cross-country, if family ties are pulling you back to the area you grew up

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Learn how to use word walls in your classroom and help your students improve their learning.

Word Walls Teaching Strategy

Word walls are often forgotten about for middle and high school classrooms. However, they are highly effective in helping students remember their learning. Read below to find out more about this great teaching strategy. How Do Word Walls Work? Make a space in your room that you will dedicate to

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Inclusive Teaching Strategies

It is important that teachers are aware of and use inclusive teaching strategies in their daily lesson plans. Classrooms today are very diverse places. The most common example of student diversity is the academic ability levels of your students. In my district, a full-inclusion model is a standard for classes

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Middle School Hanukkah Lesson Plan

Middle School Hanukkah Lesson

Hanukkah is a very important holiday to those of the Jewish faith, but finding engaging middle school lesson plans about it can be very difficult.  Hanukkah, also sometimes known as the Festival of Lights, includes important elements like the lighting of the menorah, prayers, and gift exchanges, yet many of

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Engaging middle school Christmas activities for the month of December and the week leading up to Winter Break from 2 Peas and a Dog.

Middle School Christmas Activities

Finding middle school Christmas activities does not need to be a challenge. Look through this blog post to find Christmas activities that are broken into two categories: curriculum-related and fun activities. These activities are great for the whole month of December. Editor’s Note: I have written this blog post in

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Teachers are notorious for burning themselves out because they take on too many tasks. Learn practical strategies how to set boundaries by saying no.

Setting Boundaries By Saying No

It happens so easily. Somebody asks for a small favour, a new teacher that really needs a mentor teacher, the advisor of a beloved program is retiring and it would be such a great fit for you. Suddenly your schedule looks more appropriate for a whole team of workers than

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Clock Talk Teaching Strategy

The clock talk teaching strategy is a great teaching technique to get students sharing their ideas with a variety of classmates. This teaching strategy is perfect to use at the start of the year to encourage students to meet new peers and not always work with the same group of

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