Personal Care Supplies Every Teacher Needs At School

Here is a list of personal care items that would beneficial for teachers to keep at school from 2 Peas and a Dog. #teachers #teacherlife #schoolsupplies

When I leave for school in the morning I sometimes feel like I am packing for an expedition. I have so many bags and boxes that I bring back and forth to school. To lighten the load in your teacher bag consider keeping a few things at school.

If you do not have any storage space at school I would keep these items in a bag tucked away in the trunk of your car. I cannot tell you how many times has an extra item of something has come in handy.

Teachers spend a lot of time away from their homes arriving at school early to coach clubs or teams and staying late to finish marking or lesson prep. Teachers often wonder what personal care supplies they should keep in their classrooms.

I have compiled a list of personal care supplies that would be beneficial to keep at school in case you forget something when you leave the house in the morning.

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Food Supplies

A few times a year I forget my lunch at home. My school does not have a vending machine or a cafeteria. If I did not have an emergency supply of food I would go hungry until I got home.

Hygiene Items

An unexpected illness or meeting can occur, by keeping these items on hand you will be able to cope with the unexpected.

Helpful Items

  • Extra phone charger
  • Extra laptop charger
  • Fleece sweater/school spirit wear sweatshirt  

School Supplies

Wondering what are some essential school supplies you need? Check out this blog post.

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