Ideas for Teaching Art

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Teaching art but don’t know where to start? How about right here!  I’ve gathered together a collection of past blog posts related to art as well as my popular Art Sketchbook Assignment from Teachers Pay Teachers to get your students’ creativity flowing. Keep reading and you’ll find a variety of art lesson ideas including a back to school class art project as well as art storage solutions.

Art Lessons

Styrofoam Printmaking Art Lesson

Styrofoam Printmaking Art Lesson.

Tinfoil Sculpture Art Lesson

Tinfoil Sculpture Art Lesson.

Technology Themed Get To Know You Activity

A technology themed art lesson using old records and magazine cut-outs.

Storage Ideas

Storing Student Art

5 ideas for student art portfolios.

Teacher Life Hack Plastic Plates

Art teachers use plastic wrap in your classroom to make the cleanup process faster.

Teacher Life Hack Coffee Can Storage

Save your coffee cans to organize tall classroom supplies.

Teacher Life Hack Tidy Tubs

Use tidy tubs to keep floors neat during interactive notebook activities in the classroom.

Teaching Resources

Art Sketchbook Assignment

Students work on their art projects at different paces. It is important that students have something meaningful to work on when they are done with their art projects, and some of the class is still working.

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