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Engaging Books for Reluctant and Struggling Readers

It can be a challenge to find great age appropropriate novels from reluctant and struggling readers . Check out this list of middle and high school novels, authors and publishers to help you find books to meet the needs of your struggling students from 2 Peas and a Dog. #specialeducation #middleschool #highschool #reading

It can be challenging to find books for relunctant and struggling readers at both the middle school and high school level. Books that are of interest to them might be too difficult to read causing them to abandon the book and give up on reading.

If students want to read a novel that I think might be too challenging and cause them to shut down and turn away from reading, I always suggest pairing the text with an audiobook. This allows students to get extra support without anyone knowing what they are listening to on their phone.

If you are interested in adding to your classroom or school library the following list is a great starting place to find novels that are highly engaging for students, but won’t cause them stress while reading.

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Engaging Books for Reluctant and Struggling Readers

Favourite Middle School Authors for Struggling Readers


Favourite Middle School Graphic Novels for Struggling Readers
High School Series for Struggling Readers
Favourite High School Books for Struggling Readers
Book Publishers 

For more great middle school books, check out this blog post – Best Middle School Book Recommendations. Also, check out some fantastic YA books in this blog post – High School Book Recommendations.

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