Middle School Reading Lessons

Find engaging middle school reading lessons including classroom library set up, tips  for increasing student engagement and comprehension, as well as recommended reading lists from 2 Peas and a Dog. #middleschool #lessonplans #reading

Middle school reading lessons can be challenging to plan. Looking to breathe new life into classroom reading without reinventing the wheel?  This blog post has you covered! I’ve gathered together some of my top blog posts related to reading including library set up, tips and tricks for increasing student engagement and comprehension, recommended reading lists, and more. You’ll also find links to some of my top rated, reading focused, Teachers Pay Teachers products including book reports and an independent reading journal.   

Lesson Ideas

Intermediate Guided Reading

Keeping middle school students engaged during reading can be challenging. This blog post provides several suggestions on how to increase engagement during guided reading.

Why Classroom Libraries are Important

Classroom libraries are important because not all schools have a physical library space, students need frequent access to books and they provide a venue for book recommendations.

Sticky Notes + Reading Material = Increased Comprehension

Silent reading can be difficult if students are not engaged in the text or the activity they are asked to complete during or after reading. Sticky notes are an inexpensive way to bring engagement and energy back into silent reading time.

Make Silent Reading (DEAR) Meaningful

Silent reading is not a time filler activity, it is an important part of any middle school English Language Arts classrooms. Make the most out of your student’s independent reading time by trying out these four tips.

Recommended Student Reading

Help Canadian students find well written and age-appropriate reading material by utilizing book lists created by the Ontario Library Association.

Independent Reading Tips and Tricks

Helping students become good independent readers is not a quick task. It requires time, patience and effort. Read about the great ideas shared by other teachers on how they keep students engaged during independent reading.

Teaching Resources

Independent Reading Journal Assignment

Keep your students organized during independent reading. This independent reading assignment is a collection of 6 Independent Reading Tracking Forms and 1 Reading Journal Assignment.

12 Genre Book Reports

Help your students dive deeper into their reading with these 12 different book report assignments. Each assignment enables students to showcase their creativity while meeting your curriculum standards. This book report set covers both Fiction and Non-Fiction Genres.

Shoe Box Book Report and Task Cards

Engage your students in their independent reading by having them create a Shoe Box Book Report that is covered in art words and paragraphs relating to the novel of their choice.This product comes with two format options: task cards and an assignment sheet.

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