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Middle School Classroom Management Tips

Don't let middle school classroom management be a challenge find ideas and support in this article full of practical classroom management advice from 2 Peas and a Dog. #classroommanagement #middleschool #teachertips #teachers

Middle school classroom management can be a challenge with unexpected sick days, substitute teachers, parent-teacher communication, notebook organization, and so much more. Keeping track of all the moving parts in a classroom can be challenging to say the least!  If you are looking for some new ideas to help with classroom management, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve gathered up a collection of my most popular classroom management blog posts and Teachers Pay Teachers resources to help take the guesswork out of running a classroom in today’s busy teaching environment.

Managing Parents

Parent Communication In The ELA Classroom

Parent Communication in the ELA Classroom.

Using Technology To Encourage Parent-Teacher Communication

4 practical ideas for using technology to encourage parent-teacher communication.

Sick Day Prep

How To Prepare For an Unexpected Sick Day

Top 3 tips for preparing for an unexpected sick day.

Preparing For a Substitute Teacher

Simple things you can do as a teacher to ensure your supply teacher has a great day.

Managing Students

Classroom Management Routines and Procedures For Middle and High School Classrooms

It is essential for teachers to establish effective routines, procedures and learning structures in their classrooms starting the first week of school. During our weekly #2ndaryELA Twitter chat teachers shared their most critical routines for a successful school year.

The Importance Of Classroom Management In The Secondary Classroom

Classroom management in middle and high school classrooms can be a challenge. Check out these great tips.

Building Classroom Relationships Through Conversation Part 1

Building classroom relationships through conversations is a key tool in any teacher’s strategy kit. Giving students a voice in the classroom can help with classroom management and student motivation.

Building Classroom Relationships Through Conversation Part 2

Building classroom relationships through conversations is an important strategy that teachers can use in their classrooms. Giving students a voice in the classroom can help with classroom management and student motivation.

Strategies To Help New Students

As a teacher, there are many things you can you do to help your new students with the adjustment of starting at a new school. Read to learn strategies for helping new students through classroom structures, welcome buddies and curriculum assessments

Helpful Classroom Procedures and Routines

The Pencil Debate: Solutions For Students Not Having a Pencil

10 great ideas and solutions for solving the lost and missing pencil problem in classrooms.

Absent Buddy System Teacher Life Hack

Manage student absences with the absent buddy system. A great classroom management idea.

Classroom Management Noise Warning System

Classroom Management Noise Warning System.

The Magic Of A Homework Pass For Classroom Management

Middle school classroom management requires a teacher to have many different strategies at their fingertips. Add the homework pass strategy to your classroom management plan to help engage and reward students.

Managing Spaces

5 Budget-Friendly Flexible Seating Ideas

5 budget-friendly flexible seating alternatives.

Keep Track Of Classroom Resources

Teachers – stop losing your classroom resources. Try this classroom organization tip to clearly identify your resource.

Creating Quiet Student Work Spaces

Helping students stay on task can be a bit challenging. Read this quick blog post to see some quick ideas to assist students in their quiet work journey.

Managing Yourself

Tips For Avoiding Teacher Burnout

Effective and realistic strategies to help teachers survive and cope with teacher burnout.

Teacher Self Care Tips

It is important for teachers to realize that self-care is important. Check out these teacher self-care tips.

5 Mistakes New Teachers Make

New teachers often make these 5 mistakes that set themselves up for a year of challenging classroom management problems and other avoidable issues.

5 More Mistakes New Teachers Make

In this informative blog post about 5 More Mistakes New Teachers Make, new teachers are provided with five essential tips for being successful in their first year. Experienced teachers read this post to see how you can best support the new teachers in your schools.

Report Cards For The Teacher

One way to provide student voice in the classroom is by allowing them to provide regular and meaningful feedback on teacher lessons and the classroom environment. Read how one teacher uses “teacher report cards” in her classroom to create an inclusive classroom and to constantly evolve her teaching practice.

Teaching Resources

Flexible Seating Choice Cards

Flexible seating choice cards are a great classroom management tool. It provides students with variety in their seating plan, and as a tool to help students get to know more students. Works for class sizes up to 35 students. This resource provides several different sizing options to meet your classroom needs. Find this resource on Shopify CAD and Teachers Pay Teachers USD.

Reward Coupons, Reward Passes For Classroom Management

This resource is a set of 12 different reward coupons/reward passes that can be used in conjunction with your classroom management program to encourage and praise good behaviour, work completion, attention to task completion, etc. Find this resource on Shopify CAD and Teachers Pay Teachers USD.

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