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Effective Middle School Classroom Management Resources for Teachers

Don't let middle school classroom management be a challenge. Find ideas and support in this article full of practical classroom management advice.

Middle school classroom management can be a challenge with unexpected sick days, substitute teachers, parent-teacher communication, notebook organization, and so much more. 

Keeping track of all the moving parts in a classroom can be challenging, to say the least!  If you are looking for some new ideas to help with classroom management, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve gathered up a collection of popular classroom management blog posts, and Teachers Pay Teachers resources to help take the guesswork out of running a classroom in today’s busy teaching environment.

These middle school classroom management resources cover topics such as behaviour management, classroom organization, and sick day prep. These resources are designed to help teachers create a safe and structured environment that fosters learning and growth.

Whether you’re a new teacher or a seasoned pro, our middle school classroom management resources are sure to provide you with valuable insights and tools. So, take a look and start implementing these strategies in your classroom today!

Middle School Classroom Management Resources

Sick Day Prep

Managing Students

Use these long-range plans to assist with middle school classroom management.

Helpful Classroom Procedures and Routines

Managing Spaces

Managing Yourself

  • Tips For Avoiding Teacher Burnout Effective and realistic strategies to help teachers survive and cope with teacher burnout.
  • Teacher Self-Care Tips It is important for teachers to realize that self-care is important. Check out these teacher self-care tips.
  • 5 Mistakes New Teachers Make New teachers often make these 5 mistakes that set them up for a year of challenging middle school classroom management problems and other avoidable issues.
  • 5 More Mistakes New Teachers Make In this informative blog post about 5 More Mistakes New Teachers Make, new teachers are provided with five essential tips for being successful in their first year. Experienced teachers, read this post to see how you can best support the new teachers in your schools.
  • Report Cards For The Teacher – One way to provide student voice in the classroom is by allowing them to provide regular and meaningful feedback on teacher lessons and the classroom environment. Read how one teacher uses “teacher report cards” in her classroom to create an inclusive classroom and to constantly evolve her teaching practice.

Teaching Resources

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