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Resources for new teachers can be challenging to find. So, new teachers grab a coffee and check out the advice below. The one thing all teachers have in common is that we were all new at one time in our careers. It is NOT easy being a new teacher. Trying to figure out the curriculum, manage students, and maintain your own health and well-being is challenging. This blog post is full of advice just for you.

General Advice

5 Mistakes New Teachers Make

New teachers often make these 5 mistakes that set themselves up for a year of challenging classroom management problems and other avoidable issues.

Social Media Tips For Teachers

Social media advice for teachers. Teachers are public figures. We might not be on the covers of magazines, but our private lives are definitely topics of discussion in the media. 8 tips to help teachers maintain professionalism online at all times.

5 More Mistakes New Teachers Make

In this informative blog post about 5 More Mistakes New Teachers Make, new teachers are provided with five essential tips for being successful in their first year. Experienced teachers read this post to see how you can best support the new teachers in your schools.

Surviving and Thriving Through The Non-Renewal Process

Dealing with having your teaching contract non-renewed? Take a moment to process your thoughts, then read this informative blog post about how to survive and thrive through the non-renewal process. Tips include preparing for the job application process, interview questions, and creating digital teaching portfolios.

Surviving and Thriving Advice

Avoiding Workplace Gossip Advice For Teachers

Advice for new teachers on how to avoid workplace gossip.

Teacher Self-Care Tips

It is important for teachers to realize that self-care is important. Check out these teacher self-care tips.

New Teachers: Learn How To Achieve a Work-Life Balance

New teachers it can be difficult to achieve a work-life balance. Find great practical tips on how to manage school work and your home life as a new teacher.

Lesson Planning Advice

Ditch the Weekly Lesson Prep – Full Year Lessons for ELA Teachers

Full-year lesson plans provide huge time savings to busy teachers. It is important to have lesson structures and assignments in your classroom that students are familiar with and that can be used all year. No one has time to prep brand new lessons every night OR writes detailed sub plans when they are home with the flu.

Ditch The Stress – Lesson Planning Tips For Teachers

Don’t stress about lesson planning. Use these tips and tricks to save your sanity and time.

Lesson Ideas: Where To Look For Inspiration

Find out where to look for lesson ideas and inspiration.

Success In And Out Of School: Tips For New Teachers

New teacher tips from experienced teachers.

Free Teaching Resources

ELA Scope and Sequence Guide: This resource contains long-range plans/scopes and sequences for teaching Grade 7 and 8 English Language Arts. Teachers are provided with a general monthly overview. Plans can be used by either split or straight grade teachers.

Grade 7 and 8 Ontario Long Range Plans: This resource contains long-range plans for teaching Language Arts, Math, History, Geography, Drama, and Dance. The plans are based on the Ontario Grade 7 and 8 Curriculum. Provides a general monthly overview for each subject. Plans can be used by either split or straight grade teachers.

Middle School English Lesson Plan Catalog: Looking for middle school English lessons? Download this free well-organized catalogue of resources created by 2 Peas and a Dog. You will find lesson materials for Reading, Writing, Speaking, Media, and Holidays.

Canadian Social Studies Lesson Catalogue: Looking for middle school History and Geography lessons? Download this free well-organized catalogue of resources created by 2 Peas and a Dog. You will find lesson materials for Grade 7 and 8 History and/or Geography.

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