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8 Ways to Efficient Grading Success

Efficient grading practices are key to reclaiming your teacher weekends. Check out these 8 tips from 2 Peas and a Dog. #grading #marking #lessonplanning #lessonplan #teaching

Efficient grading is an important teaching skill to learn and utilize. As teachers, we can become consumed by the amount of marking/grading we take home each night. It is important that we start to work smarter and stop working 24/7 on school-related tasks.

When I first started teaching, I used to lug home a giant marking bag every night. It stayed by the front door most nightly adding to my teacher’s guilt. As I gained more experience in teaching, I tried to stop this guilt-inducing practice and develop a work smarter not harder approach to grading.

The 8 tips below will give you some excellent ideas to help middle and high school teachers to regain their evenings.

  1. Have clear and consistent grading policies. Read more in this blog post: Grading Policies & Tips in the English Language Arts Classroom
  2. Use codes in your grade book/mark book. Read more in this blog post: Teacher Life Hack: Gradebook Codes
  3. Use success criteria to define what your students need to do to well on an assignment. Read more in this blog post: 5 Reasons to Use Success Criteria in Your Classroom
  4. Develop a marking plan. Read more in this blog post: Managing the Marking Load
  5. Don’t mark everything – but if you must use this quick marking system. Read more in this blog post: Quick Assessment Tips
  6. Technology is a useful tool. Use it to add variety to your assignments and check for understanding. Read more in this blog post: Use Technology for Student Assessments
  7. Have students design their own assessments. Read more in this blog post: Student-Designed Assessments
  8. Get together with other teachers to mark/grade together. It is useful to have other teachers nearby if you cannot decide what mark the assignment should be given.

Looking for ready-made English Language Arts assessments to help you with your efficient grading goals? Check out all these great resources from 2 Peas and a Dog.

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