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Free Pizza Book Review

Book review of the novel Free Pizza by G.C. McRae by 2 Peas and a Dog. #bookreview #middleschool #canadianbooks

The novel “Free Pizza” by G.C. McRae was sent to me for review. The only compensation I received for writing this review was a copy of the novel.

Summary: Brian is your average middle school kid except he has a secret that hasn’t shared with anyone – he’s adopted. He constantly feels left out of this adopted family because he does not look or act like them. Brian has a lot of questions about his birth family. His twelfth birthday is just around the corner and looking like just any other day until he gets a phone call that would change his life. His birth mother wants to call him on his birthday. This combined with his best friend breaking a neighbour’s greenhouse as well as hiding a runway friend in his house means that this birthday will be anything but normal.

Review: This book would be a great fit for boys in Grade 5, 6 or 7 (ages 10-12). They would relate to Brian quite well and enjoy reading about the mischief he gets involved in. The setting takes place in Alberta, Canada and references local landmarks, which is great for Canadian students to read something set in Canada. I did find some of the language used in the novel to be not the best fit for the target audience (hell, idiot, damn, etc) given that some families do not permit their children to read novels with mild language. However, anyone who has been around pre-teens and teens knows that their language skills can sometimes be colourful.

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