Best End of the Year Teacher Resources

Find quality end of the year teacher resources and advice for surviving this busy season. Topics include end of year survival tips, end of the year lesson plans and assignment ideas, as well as end of the year classroom management strategies and teacher reflections from 2 Peas and a Dog. #endoftheyear #lastdayofschool #lessonplans

Finding quality end of the year teacher resources can be challenging. Has the end of the year ever snuck up on you, despite having a whole school year to prepare for it?  

You’re not alone! To help you sail smoothly through the end of the school year I’ve gathered up some of my top blog posts full of tips and tricks for surviving this busy, and sometimes chaotic, time. Topics include the end of year survival tips, lesson and assignment ideas, classroom management strategies and teacher reflections.

Lesson Ideas

Fantastic Ideas To End The School Year

Amazing end of the year tips and activities from experienced teachers. Reduce your stress and stay focused.

Year End Teacher Survival Tips

End of the Year Tips for Teachers. 3 tips for keeping the middle school classroom calm and students engaged during the last few weeks of school.

Tips For Surviving The End Of The Year

End of the year strategies, ideas and lessons.

Favourite End Of The Year Lessons, Assignments and Units

Eleven teacher bloggers have shared their thoughts on their favourite end of the year lessons, assignments and units that they love teaching at this time of year.

Special Activities For The End Of The Year

Special out of the box ideas for the end of the year activities that will help students stay focused until the end.

The Importance Of End Of The Year Teacher Reflections

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on the past year’s successes and challenges. Use these reflections to help plan out changes for your future classes. Includes a free graphic organizer to help teachers reflect on their school year.

End Of The Year Classroom Management Strategies

The end of the year is a stressful time. Ten teacher bloggers have taken the time to share their thoughts on how to make classroom management more manageable during the year-end chaos.

Teaching Resources

End of the Year Digital Memory Book Templates

Have your students capture their favourite school memories with these Google Slides™️ compatible Memory Book templates. This highly engaging activity is a great addition to any end of the year activities for any grade level. It is also a cost-effective yearbook/memory book option for schools who want to publish a yearbook without the large cost associated with a traditional yearbook.


Career Exploration and Research Project

Help your students think purposely about their futures with this Career Exploration and Research Project. Students will get excited about career research by taking an online career quiz, then brainstorming possible career choices. Then they will follow a guided assignment process – brainstorming, research, career poster creation, and oral presentation with scheduled check-ins throughout the process to ensure project completion.

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