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10 Science Fiction Books For Middle School Students

10 science fiction book series recommendations for middle school students from 2 Peas and a Dog. #sciencefiction #middleschool #reading #independentreading

Science fiction books for middle school are important to add to your classroom and school libraries. Science Fiction is one of the most popular if not THE most popular genre in my middle school classroom. I cannot keep this genre in my classroom library. Students enjoy reading about life that somewhat resembles their lives, but has a unique spin. Check out the book list below of Science Fiction book series for middle school students. This blog post contains affiliate links which are of no cost to the reader. If you make a purchase through the provided links this blog will receive a small commission to help with the financial costs of maintaining the site.

Science Fiction Books for Middle School

Matched Trilogy (Science Fiction)

In this future world boys and girls are matched with their life partners at the age of 17.  Cassia looks deeper into the match when she is matched with her best friend, but sees the image of another boy flash on the screen. Find the Common Sense Media review here.

Delirium Trilogy (Science Fiction)

Love is considered a disease in this world and at the age of 18 everyone is forced into a procedure known as the “Cure”. Part way through her “Cure”, Lena meets a boy and rebels against the Cure. Find the Common Sense Media review here.

Legend Trilogy (Science Fiction)

June and Day are 15 year-olds from different parts of society. They meet when Day is accused of killing June’s brother and find out that their country has been lying to both of them. Find the Common Sense Media review here.

Hunger Games Trilogy (Science Fiction)

Every year 12 boys and 12 girls are chosen by lottery to participate in the annual Hunger Games which is a fight to survive and is televised on live TV until only 2 remain. Find the Common Sense Media review here.

Divergent Trilogy (Science Fiction)

Beatrice Prior lives in a society with 5 factions. Beatrice must choose between staying with her family or changing factions. Find the Common Sense Media review here.

The Giver Series (Science Fiction)

Twelve-year-old Jonas lives in the perfect world until he is assigned his job as the Receiver of Memory and starts to question the world he knows. Find the Common Sense Media review here.

The Uglies Series (Science Fiction)

Tally Youngblood lives in a society where looks are important above all else and at the age of sixteen will have an operation that will transform her from ugly to pretty. When Tally’s friend runs away from being pretty Tally is given the choice of finding her friend for the authorities or never turn pretty. Find the Common Sense Media review here.

The Maze Runner (Science Fiction)

Thomas wakes up surrounded by strange boys all with no memories except their names. They are surrounded by a maze that is constantly changing and no one has ever made it out alive. Find the Common Sense Media review here.

The Selection Series (Science Fiction)

For thirty-five girls the Selection is a chance to compete for a life in a palace with Prince Maxon.  But for America Singer, it means leaving her secret love and home to compete for a life she doesn’t want. Find the Common Sense Media review here.  

Among The Hidden Series (The Shadow Children) (Science Fiction)

Set in a world where families are only allowed to have two children. Any families found with a third child has committed a crime and can be punished by death. Find the Common Sense Media review here.

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