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Middle School Math Websites

Teaching middle school math does not always have to be from a textbook. Check out these great online middle school math websites that will help you plan your lessons and supplement your teaching.

1. Educational Tool Name: Problem of The Week

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Archive of problems each week for Grades 3-12 that can be incorporated into curriculums, or as you please. 

Cost: Free

2. Educational Tool Name: Curiosity Machine 

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Build projects with Artificial Intelligence, and have kids learn about AI as it grows into many of the careers they will delve into, in the future. 

Cost: Free

3. Educational Tool Name: MPower

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Online games that teach math skills for grades K-6

Cost: Free

4. Educational Tool Name: Desmos

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Make your own online graphs for equations. 

Cost: Free

5. Educational Tool Name: Geogebra

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Free math apps including online graph tools, for 3D, geometry, and graphing. As well as a variety of classroom activities and resources for math and science. 

Cost: Free

6. Educational Tool Name: Math Frog

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Fun resources and online games for grades 4, 5 and 6, and students, parents, and teachers. 

Cost: Free

7. Educational Tool Name: KenKen

Purpose/Function of Education Tool: A grid-based numerical puzzle that uses the basic math operations, while also challenging your logic and problem-solving skills.

Cost: Free with a Premium option for $2.99 a month.

Do you have any other middle school math websites that should be added to this list? Send me a DM on Instagram so I can update this list.

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