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Month: March 2019

It is important to add fantasy fiction books for middle school students to your classroom and school libraries. Check out this list of Fantasy Fiction Books for Middle School Students.

9 Fantasy Fiction Books For Middle School Students

It is important to add fantasy fiction books for middle school students to your classroom and school libraries. Some students love to read novels that are part of a series because the story continues beyond the first novel. In this article, 9 middle school fantasy fiction book series are recommended

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Middle School Math Websites

Teaching middle school math does not always have to be from a textbook. Check out these great online middle school math websites that will help you plan your lessons and supplement your teaching. 1. Educational Tool Name: Problem of The Week Purpose/Function of Education Tool: Archive of problems each week

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15 graduation songs for your end of the year slideshow or celebration from 2 Peas and a Dog. #endoftheyear #graduation #graduationsongs

Graduation Songs for End of the Year Slideshows

Graduation songs are always difficult to find at the moment you need them for your year-end slideshows and celebrations. I have linked 22 popular graduation songs that can be used the next time you need some songs to spice up that graduation slideshow. Each song title is linked to a

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Creating an Engaging Summer English Project

A summer English project is required in some schools. These can become very onerous on the students and teachers. Today’s blog post is written by Rebecca Gettelman who is a middle and high school teacher from the Midwest. She has been teaching for over eleven years. A number of years

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Teachers love Spring Break. Read 10 reasons why this is a much loved time of year for teachers from 2 Peas and a Dog. #education #teacherhumor #springbreak #teachers

10 Reasons Why Teachers Love Spring Break

Spring Break is a favorite time of year for many teachers. When someone mentions the word “Spring Break” people automatically assume wild parties at the beach. For teachers, this is the farthest thing on their minds. On Spring Break I have two things on my mind: using the bathroom and eating

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