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Year: 2018

Get your students reading with these 11 great middle school books made into movies from 2 Peas and a Dog. #reading #YAlit #middleschoolbooks #booksandmovies

11 Great Middle School Books Made Into Movies

  Middle school books are the best! Finding appropriate middle school books that get students reading can be challenging sometimes, depending on their mindset. When I have students who want to “check out” from reading, I try to match them with one of these eleven middle school books which have

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Help students gain authentic learning experiences by designing their own assessments. Learn more about student designed assessments from 2 Peas and a Dog. #studentlearning #classroommanagement #studentlearning #projects #projectbasedlearning

Student Designed Assessments

Student-designed assessments are a hot topic in today’s education system. Classroom teacher and illustrator extraordinaire David Rickert is guest posting on the 2 Peas and a Dog blog to discuss this important topic. My most memorable class in college was Plant Biology because my professor, Dr. Jensen, made it fun

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School librarians are an essential part of a thriving school community. Read about how school librarians can support teachers from 2 Peas and a Dog. #schoollibrary #education #teachers #schoollibrary

12 Ways a School Librarian Can Help Teachers

School librarians are a very important part of a thriving school community. In my first few years of teaching, I was lucky enough to be the school librarian for three years. During that time, I enjoyed working with my colleagues and the students to enrich and support classroom learning. I

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Do you have what it takes to marry a teacher? Take this quick quiz to find out. A teacher humour blog post from 2 Peas and a Dog. #teacherhumour #teacherhumor #teachers #teaching #teacherlife

Want to Marry a Teacher? Take This Quiz

Teacher Humour Alert! Meghan Mathis and I have teamed up to create a handy questionnaire for any potential marriage proposals that might come your way this summer. It is summer and we need a break from reading all of those academic focused teaching articles. Meghan Mathis from Fun Fresh Ideas and

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Picky middle school readers exist in classrooms everywhere. The books listed in this blog post are tried and true novels recommended by two middle school ELA teachers who deal with picky middle school readers and fake reading daily. Learn about engaging middle school books for picky readers. #middleschool #reading #englishlanguagearts

10 Books for Picky Middle School Readers

  Picky middle school readers exist in classrooms everywhere. Teachers know that students have become masters of fake reading or avoidance tactics like always needing to use the washroom or leaving to get a drink just as silent reading has begun. This blog post contains affiliate links which are of no

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Teacher Life Hack Binder Clip Cord Organization

I don’t know about you, but I am always losing my technology cords behind tables, filing cabinets, etc. I need to find a way to ensure cords stay organized in my classroom. Today, Amanda from Math Dyal shared this great cord organization tip and I love it! I am forever losing cords

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