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New Teacher Exercise Tips: Fitting In Exercise

It is important for teachers to fit exercise into their day. Teacher exercise tips from 2 Peas and a Dog. #exercise #teacherfitness #fitness #fitnessgoals #healthyteacher

Teacher exercise tips are important to discuss. These ideas are just as important as classroom management tips. Read the teacher exercise tips below to help you on your healthy teacher journey.

New Teacher Exercise Tips: Fitting In Exercise

I schedule my exercise in – during the winter months when the sunlight leaves early I walk right after school, in the summer months I can wait until after dinner to get my walk in. I also track my exercise in an app on my phone to stay motivated. Kristy from 2 Peas and a Dog

When motivated, I wake up at 5AM, work out until 6AM and then shower and get ready for school. It’s not easy though! Meghan from Fun Fresh Ideas

It’s really important that I have a routine in order to accomplish this. The best way for me to be in an exercise routine is to do this after school. I commute 45 minutes away so when I exercise after school it is a great way to escape the day and feel good. Laura Zank from Research Based Teaching Tools

I selected a gym that is not necessarily the most amazing complex in town, but one that is directly on my way home. That way, it’s a lot harder to skip my workout. I’ve made it a habit to pack my workout bag every single day, and I keep spare socks and tennis shoes in my trunk. Also, I set a specific time that I have to leave school. For me, it’s 3:45. If I’m not out of the door by then, I can’t fit in my workout. Whatever else I have to do can wait until after I put the kids to bed. Eliminating excuses goes a long way in terms of motivating me to get it done. Melissa from The Reading and Writing Haven

I like to run for a half an hour right after school. This creates a solid break between my work and my personal life. It helps me de-stress from the school day, which means that I’m happier and healthier when I get back home. This means I can focus on my family without letting any negativity seep over. Danielle from Teach Nouvelle

After school I go to the gym. Angie Sherbondy from Best Power Points for Spanish

I walk my dog. Lisa Spangler from Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

Exercise is a key part of my sanity. I am willing to get up early, very early, just to run. If I leave it to the end of the day, it is too easy for something else to come up. Doc from Education with Doc Running

Exercise is built into my schedule. I find an exercise class I love and attend several times a week to relieve stress and boost my energy. That time is not negotiable. If you feel like you can’t make that kind of commitment, bring a clipboard with some marking to do to the gym and park yourself on the treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike.  Brynn Allison from The Literary Maven

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