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Lesson Plans For After Winter Break

Use these lesson plans for after winter break to have all your planning done for you - just print, photocopy and teach.

Use these lesson plans for after winter break to help your students get back into their school routines.

The first day back from any holiday break is challenging but the first day after winter break is exceptionally challenging for both students and teachers. Everyone is out of their routines and it’s important to review expectations for your students. After this is done – it should take less than ten minutes for middle and high school students how will you fill the rest of your class period? Here is a great blog post all about re-introducing routines and expectations after the break.

Check out these lesson plans for after winter break.

Lesson Plans For After Winter Break (Your First Day Planned)

  1.  Brainstorm with students what a new years resolution is.
  2. Watch the video in this article. Have students write down the advice from the psychologist. (Be specific and track your goals)
  3. Watch this video. Have students write down what the SMART acronym represents. (Specific, Measure, Attainment, Realistic, Track). The video can also be Googled. Top five New Year’s resolutions for 2018 Dec. 29, 2017 – 3:59  Psychiatrist Dr. Domenick Sportelli provides insight on ‘Fox & Friends First.’
  4. Have students provide examples of resolutions they have heard people make in the past in real life or on social media (get healthy, study more etc).
  5. Then read this article “Most people give up New Year’s Resolutions by January 12, study claims” – out loud as a class.
  6. Use the Google Extension Print Friendly and PDF to edit the article before you print it out. Instructions are found here.
  7. Follow this interactive lesson plan for helping students set goals for the new year found in this FREE resource.

First Week Back From Winter Break Lesson Ideas

After students have time to goal set I like them to get back into school work – but I don’t start anything too rigorous the first week back as many students take this week as additional vacation or are still in break “mode”. I like to reinforce previously taught writing and thinking skills with creative writing or media literacy lessons.

Below is a list of academic yet fun lessons for the first week after Winter Break. 

Creative Writing

Media Literacy Lesson Plans For After Winter Break

What About A Free Digital Escape Room?

At the end of the week have your students work together on this FREE winter-themed digital escape room. Students must work together to help get themselves out of the Art Room supply closet that they accidentally got locked into. This is a digital escape room and requires no paper setup for the teacher. It is hosted in Google Forms. Get this FREE digital escape room here.

Long Range Planning

If you want more fresh ideas for the months after your holiday break download these free middle school long range plans.

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