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Teacher Gift Guide

Check out this teacher gift guide to help you find affordable and stylish teacher gifts from 2 Peas and a Dog. #christmas #gifts #teachergifts #teachergift #teachers

With the holiday season almost upon us, I thought I would share some gift ideas for the teachers in your life. These teachers might be co-workers, friends, or relatives. When I made this teacher gift guide I thought about products that I use daily. It was nearly impossible to find exact matches so I found related items that were reasonably priced.

I also tried to ensure that none of these ideas were for scented products, personal hygiene or food-related items. As someone who has strict dietary requirements, I wanted to ensure the items in this teacher gift guide could be used by teachers with allergies. 

This blog post contains affiliate links which are of no cost to the reader. If you make a purchase through the provided links this blog will receive a small commission to help with the financial costs of maintaining the site.

Check out the teacher gift guide below to get gift ideas for the teachers in your life. 

Flair Pens

I love writing in my day planner and marking with my Flair Pens. I keep a set at school and a set at home.


Laptop Desk

I use my laptop desk daily to work on anything school related either on my computer or using pen and paper. This one comes with a phone holder so you won’t miss any important messages.

YETI Rambler 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler w/MagSlider Lid

I love to drink water and any other drinks in a fancy tumbler. It keeps drinks either hot or cold.


Cozy Socks

Winter is cold! I love warm socks that I can put on when I am lounging around my house. These socks come with non-skid bottoms which are my favourite on cozy socks.


Lightweight Stylish Bag

I have a Kate Spade canvas bag that was given to me as a gift years ago and I use it regularly. It is made from a heavy duty canvas that keeps its shape and looks great. We all have a million and one reusable bags, but this is one stylish enough for toting around marking and school supplies during the week and to carry with you on the weekend.

Pencil Case

Teachers have a million and one marking pens and pencils to carry around. Storing these items in a stylish pencil case makes the marking seem less painful.



I love a good keychain to keep all my key organized. I have a different keychain for home and school purposes.


Wine Glass

I don’t drink alcohol, but on Instagram, I see a lot of teachers enjoying a glass of wine or two. This glass made me laugh and I thought it would be good for a teacher who enjoys a glass of wine.


Teacher Stamps

Teachers mark a lot of papers daily. These cute stamps are a great way for teachers to put some positive messages on student work.


Spiral Bound Notebook

I had a bad habit years ago of writing my to-do list on random pieces of scrap paper. You can guess what happened to those papers right? They got crumpled or went missing. Now I use a notebook to keep track of things that need to get done.

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