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Lesson Ideas: Where to Look for Inspiration

Find out where to look for lesson ideas and inspiration from 2 Peas and a Dog. #lessonplan #lessonplanning #teachers

It can be time-consuming and exhausting to search aimlessly for lesson ideas. I get my best ideas for lesson plans when I am exercising! So if that’s not the motivation for you to get moving I don’t know what is. I get daily lesson inspiration from Instagram Stories and my other social media feeds. Check out exactly where I go online for lesson inspiration here.

Check the recommendations from teachers below on where they find lesson ideas and inspiration.

I love social media to get ideas for new lessons. I love the teacher community on Instagram. When I know what I am specifically looking for I go straight to Pinterest. Check out my organized Pinterest boards here. Kristy from 2 Peas and a Dog

Pinterest, TpT, teacher groups on Facebook, but mostly, through collaboration with my colleagues in school. Meghan Mathis from Fun Fresh Ideas

I always created my own lessons. I hated the textbook and wanted my students to be able to work more collaboratively. In creating lessons myself, I was able to create based on my individual student needs. Michele Luck from A Lesson Plan for Teachers

My favorite places are TPT. When I am in a pinch, I find the best lesson plans and curriculum right at my fingertips. I also will look at Pinterest for ideas too. Laura Zank from Research Based Teaching Tools

Sometimes, I search the Internet for inspiration. Social media outlets often trigger awesome ideas. Still, most of my lessons are inspired by professional development – solid training sessions, master’s coursework, and best-practice books. I love maximizing my creativity to make my own teaching materials. Melissa from The Reading and Writing Haven

Pinterest! #2ndaryELA Twitter chats & FB group, Kagan strategies, “old school” teacher resource books, and my noggin. Lisa Spangler from Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

I have 29 yrs of teaching experience, so lots of ideas. Love trying things from online and other teachers, too. Jenny Newberry from Bulletin Board Bonanza

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