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Must Have Tech Tools for the Classroom

Try these must have web-based tech tools for teachers from 2 Peas and a Dog. #techtools #technology #edtech #classroomtechnology

I love learning about new technology and implementing it into my daily lessons where possible.

I love the Google Extension Print-Friendly PDF. It helps reduce paper usage and makes my classroom lessons Google Classroom ready. Kristy from 2 Peas and a Dog

Google Classroom – it has cut down on all the paper and I LOVE how easy it makes sub plans!  Meghan Mathis from Fun Fresh Ideas

Google Docs has been really helpful. There is a way to use text to speech for my students who have difficulty with writing. Also I use Reading A-Z as a reading program in the classroom.  Laura Zank from Research Based Teaching Tools

Nearpod is an amazing tool for the high school classroom. So much of traditional high school information is presented in lecture format. Nearpod is a natural way of transitioning from the teacher-led presentation to a discussion format that involves students and provides meaningful information for the instructor – in real time.  Melissa from The Reading and Writing Haven

Other Great Tech Tools

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