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Ditch the Stress – Lesson Planning Tips for Teachers

Don't stress about lesson planning. Use these tips and tricks to save your sanity and time from 2 Peas and a Dog. #lessonplan #lessonplans #lessonplanning #teachers

Lesson planning is a key skill. As teachers, we know that lesson planning takes up as much time as well allow. The tips below will help you develop a more efficient lesson planning system.

I plan with the end in mind – meaning I plan out the entire unit before I teach it so I know what I have to teach each day and what students need to know for the final task. This ensure I stay on track with my daily lessons and my students are properly prepared for the final task. Kristy from 2 Peas and a Dog

I prepped everything long before the time was due. It was always my goal to be prepped at least to the next vacation day. Michele Luck from A Lesson Plan for Teachers

I always create them on a weekly basis but provide a data sheet that helps track where students are on a daily basis. I use MS Word to create my lesson plans. I have to turn lesson plans in at the end of the year so I simply three-hole punch them and put them in a notebook with dividers based on the month and my schedule. Laura Zank from Research Based Teaching Tools

Weekly, I meet with my co-teacher and grade-level teachers. We identify the unit of study and standards we want to cover the following week, and as a group, we brainstorm relevant lessons that will engage students. Afterward, we divide and conquer. Work smarter, not harder! Each person selects which lesson they would like to tweak from the previous year or develop from scratch. Usually, someone also offers to be the person who modifies the assignments for various ability levels. Then, we share. Melissa from The Reading and Writing Haven

I use an EDI template.  Angie Sherbondy from Best Power Points for Spanish

My PLC takes a month calendar and we sketch out our ideas. Then we make more solid weekly plans one week at a time as the week approaches. With so many days devoted to testing, we usually are interrupted and must be flexible enough to change our monthly plans as we go. Lisa Spangler from Mrs. Spangler in the Middle

It’s all about Fridays. Let’s be honest, no one wants to work on Friday afternoon, but it is a lifesaver for my sanity. All week I put together ideas for the upcoming week based on what’s going on. On Friday, I formalize the plan AND copy any materials I will need for Monday and Tuesday. When I go home for the weekend, I know that I am ready for Monday.  Doc from Education with Doc Running

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