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Want to Marry a Teacher? Take This Quiz

Do you have what it takes to marry a teacher? Take this quick quiz to find out. A teacher humour blog post from 2 Peas and a Dog. #teacherhumour #teacherhumor #teachers #teaching #teacherlife

Teacher Humour Alert! Meghan Mathis and I have teamed up to create a handy questionnaire for any potential marriage proposals that might come your way this summer. It is summer and we need a break from reading all of those academic-focused teaching articles.

Meghan Mathis from Fun Fresh Ideas and I (Kristy from 2 Peas and a Dog) have teamed up to create a teacher humour blog post that will hopefully have you laughing and smiling as you relax this summer break.

There comes a point in a teacher’s dating life when they decide they want to shift from dating to marriage. You must select the right person to marry after all you need a wing person to help you with all those teacher-related tasks.

Summer is a great time of year for marriage proposals to occur. Maybe I am just biased because both my proposal and wedding were in the summer. If I were a statistician, I would guess that teacher proposals occur more often in the summer since they do not see very much of their significant other during the school year.

Here is a handy questionnaire for any potential marriage proposals that might come your way this summer.

You might want to determine the suitability of any marriage partners through their answers to the following questions:

  1. Are you ok with only taking vacation three times a year Christmas, Spring Break and Summer?
  2. During assessment and report card times, they will live under a mountain of paperwork. Are you a qualified mountain climber?
  3. Do you have professional moving experience? You will be required to help set up and take down the classroom every year.
  4. Are you ok with your family’s last name being yelled at top volume across any public space? Your teacher spouse will run into fellow teachers, students and parents everywhere you go.
  5. Does your monthly budget account for dry cleaning? Teachers leave the house dressed all nice and arrive home with chalk, paint, pen and marker stains all over their clothes Don’t forget to put school supplies into the family budget!
  6. Will you be able to stop yourself from saying anything beginning with, “If it was my classroom I’d have just…” or “You know what you should have said to the kid/parent/administrator…” unless you are also a teacher and know what teachers are and aren’t allowed to do/say?
  7. Are you prepared to listen to your spouse talk about their “kids,” with intensity and passion and know that they are not talking about any children or fur-babies that reside in your home, but rather the 10-100 young people your spouse identifies as “theirs” each school year?
  8. Can you keep a straight face when your spouse obsesses over seemingly “unimportant” matters like the “theme” of their classroom, getting the letters straight on a bulletin board, or whether to sign emails to parents with their first and last name or just their last name because they really do matter to your spouse?
  9. Are you familiar with the locations of the nearest dollar store and Target Dollar Spots? These are your future spouse’s second homes.
  10. Are you prepared to feel a bit like a hoarder due to your spouse’s habit of collecting toilet paper rolls, egg cartons, milk crates, and more all with the vague promise that they “might use it in class one day?”

Meghan is a full-time high school English teacher, curriculum designer, and writer. She blogs about the crazy, hysterical, frustrating, and fun world of education at Fun Fresh Ideas

Kristy is a full-time middle school teacher and curriculum designer. This blog is her creative passion where she hopes to help teachers gain ideas for their classrooms. 

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