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Chalkola Chalk Markers Review

Chalkola marker review by 2 Peas and a Dog. Interested in chalk markers read about their uses in this blog post. #art #chalkmarkers #classroomdecoration

I was sent a package of Chalkola Chalk Markers to review in my classroom. I did not receive any additional compensation for this review beyond the free markers.

It was exciting to learn that Chalkola is now shipping to Canada. Nothing is more frustrating than finding a product you want to buy and when you go to check out you discover it does not ship to your location.

Classroom Test

Chalkola marker review by 2 Peas and a Dog.

I opened up the package in my classroom and tested out the markers on my main classroom whiteboard. I wrote up the daily agenda for one of my English classes. It was fun to play with the bright colours and to see the excitement of my students when they immediately noticed I got new markers. New school supplies are an exciting time in any classroom. One of my students who finished her work early asked if she could test out all of the colours on the whiteboard. Then we surveyed the class to see what colour was their favourite. The majority of students who responded loved the dark purple colour as it stood out the most on my whiteboard.


Chalkola marker review by 2 Peas and a Dog.
The markers (like any other paint type marker) require a minute of prep time before they can be used. The markers need to be shaken and pressed on firmly before the first use. It was great that a student offered to test out the rest of my markers because as a busy teacher I don’t have time for classroom products that are not ready to go. When it came time to remove the marker from my whiteboard I used water and a microfiber rag. It left a large pink film cloud on my whiteboard because I did not have another clean rag to wipe it again. I am not permitted to use Windex or other cleaners in my classroom so water is my only option. My whiteboards are also over 10 years old and no longer rub off dry eraser markers properly either.

I think these markers would be great for long-term writing such as student names on desks, calendars, board headings, window messages, but not for daily classroom use on whiteboards due to the clean up required. When I taught in schools with chalkboards I used paint markers to make my bland chalkboard stand out. They were easier to wash off chalkboards then whiteboards. This would also be a great product for moms, businesses, and chalk artists with chalkboard walls. The markers stay in place until they are washed off.

I am very grateful that Chalkola sent me their markers to review. They kindly have sent me a 15% off coupon code 15OFFINF that my readers can use when purchasing this product from Amazon.

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