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Support blended learning by trying this useful Google Chrome Extension to save photocopying time and paper from 2 Peas and a Dog. #2peasandadog #blendedlearning #technology #digitallearning
As digital learning is becoming more and more popular, photocopiers are becoming less common or copy limits are drastically reduced. I love using current articles as part of my teaching units, but I do not find that they are always able to be printed in a school-friendly format. I cannot photocopy 5 pages for my 60 students. I needed a more economical way to print internet articles. I found this Google Chrome Extension and it works very well.
Check out the video tutorial or the transcription below to see how to use this tool to support digital learning in your classroom.

Digital Learning Tool Video Transcription

Hi Everyone,
It’s Kristy here from 2 Peas and a Dog. I wanted to show you my favourite Google extension that I use almost every day in my classroom.
Where I teach, being a middle school teacher, we don’t have specialty teachers.  So as a middle school teacher, you could be teaching any subject, you could teach ELA, Humanities, Science, Social Studies.  Really, anything that’s on our curriculum we could be expected to teach.  And I really like to teach all of these subjects using current articles.  But, I don’t always find that the print function on the articles works very well.  So, then I end up having to print five pages and photocopy five pages, and that’s just too much, I cannot do that.
1. I want you to do, is I want you to use the Chrome browser.
2. In your Chrome browser, I want you to search “Google Chrome Store” in your toolbar, or at
3. When you get to the Chrome store, I want you to look up “Print Friendly & PDF”.  
4. All you need to do to install it is, you find it, “Print Friendly & PDF” and then you click the blue “Add to Chrome” button.
5. And then, it will show up as this green printer button in your toolbar, at the very top of your Chrome browser.
6. This allows you to save paper when you find something on the internet that you want to print. Example: This would be fantastic for me to show if I were teaching health this year, it would actually even be just a great article to discuss during my weekly article of the week.  So, I don’t want to print it because it has all of these pictures and it would eat up too much ink. So, I’m going to hit the green button over here, and then look, I can delete things! I’m going to delete this, I’m going to delete this, I can scroll down if there are any advertisements.  I don’t want the picture, this is perfect.  So now, I can have the article but I don’t have all the pictures.
7. Then I can ask it to PDF.  It generates a PDF, then I can download the PDF.
8. This can now be uploaded to Google Classroom and my students can use assistive technology tools, they can use other tools in order to help them and annotate the article. I can also print it, and if you have a Mac you can save as a PDF or you can print it to your regular school printer, or home printer. Check out how I organize my digital student files.
9. See how to use more current events in your teaching here.

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