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Digital Learning Tools For Teachers and Students

Learn about three great digital learning technology tools to help make your lessons more engaging for students. #technology #edtech

On February 22, Digital Learning Day will be celebrated in many schools. Here are three great classroom technology tools to help you plan and create dynamic digital lessons.

  • Flipgrid is a great online video tool that allows students to respond to questions in a short video format. This tool is free for teachers and students. You can pay to upgrade your account and get more features. This tool is a great way to capture student’s thinking and learning.
  • Screencast-O-Matic helps students and teachers record their desktop screens on laptops or desktops with audio and video. This is a great way to share content with or explain things to students. Think of screencasting as creating “how-to” videos. I use screencasts when I have substitute teachers because then I am explaining the task directly to my students without any instructions getting mixed up. I upload the videos I make directly in Google Classroom so all of my students can access them.
  • Think of Padlet as an interactive bulletin board. This web 2.0 tool comes with a variety of templates to help students and teachers showcase and curate their learning. This is a great collaboration tool for students working on the same project, or teachers planning a unit together.

Check Out These Other Great Digital Learning Tools


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