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Year: 2017

How To Write Long Range Plans

Writing long-range plans sometimes also called a scope and sequence is an important method for digging deeper into the curriculum (standards), and to ensure you cover all the required material before the end of the year. Here is my process for creating long-range plans for the subjects I teach: Print

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Book Review: Patina by Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds’ newest novel Patina is a great addition to every middle school classroom library. I got access to the novel as an advance reader’s copy and enjoyed every minute. I was delighted to receive an Advance Reader’s Copy of this novel as part of a YA Blogger promotion from

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Teaching Non-Fiction and Real World Connections

Using non-fiction in the classroom is a great tool to increase engagement and expose students to a wide variety of current issues and events that extend beyond the traditional fiction taught in most English classes.   This week’s Twitter chat was focused on using non-fiction texts to help students make

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