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Year: 2017

10 Halloween Costume Ideas For English Teachers

Halloween costumes are a way to add some fun to your school day on Halloween. Finding a creative, yet school-suitable Halloween costume can be challenging. Every time I try to shop for a pre-made costume, it is rarely appropriate for an educational setting. Some costumes are too revealing while others

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Creative Writing Lesson Ideas

Creative writing is an important part of the writing journey. The priority in today’s education system is non-fiction and essay writing. It can be hard to remember that students enjoy the opportunity to flex their creative muscles with creative writing assignments. In this blog post, teachers share their best ideas for incorporating creative writing

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Too tired to make a nutritious and delicious dinner? Busy teachers try this teacher life hack and save time by checking out the possibilities of shredded chicken from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Teacher Life Hack Shredded Chicken Meal Ideas

Tammy from the Tarheelstate Teacher discusses several different recipes in this detailed blog post that can be used with a shredded chicken base. These are some fantastic ideas for when you arrive home and don’t want to think about making dinner.  Do you have a life hack you would like

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Ideas For Teaching Informational and Argument Writing

Teaching students to properly write an effective argument can be difficult. Trying to balance this important skill along with teaching other forms of writing is also a balancing act. Read how other middle and high school teachers are teaching both of these writing forms in their classes. These ideas were

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Check out the various ideas to get inspired for your classroom using Fall themed middle school lessons. 

Fall Themed Middle School Lessons

Summer and fall both rival each other for the favourite season spot in my heart. I love each season for different reasons. As a teacher, I love the fresh air and new school year that fall brings. It can be challenging to find fall themed middle school lessons.  During this

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How To Write Long Range Plans

  Writing long range plans (sometimes also called a “scope and sequence”) is an important method for digging deeper into the curriculum expectations/standards and ensuring you cover all the required material before the end of the year. Here is my process for creating long range plans for the subjects I

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