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New Year’s Goal Setting Activity and Reflection Sheets

Have your students use this New Year's Goal Setting Activity to help them set goals and stay focused at school after the  holiday break.

Reflection is an important skill that we need to reinforce with our students. To assist with this task, I created a New Year’s small group discussion and goal-setting activity to help my students with their reflection skills. In this step-by-step goal-setting activity, students will be excited and engaged during their first week back at school.

New Year’s Goal Setting Activity Reflection Process

  1. As a class watch this video about How different cultures celebrate the New Year.
  2. Then have a class discussion about what they learned from the video.
  3. After, arrange students in small groups of 4 – 5 people.
  4. Give each group a bag of discussion prompts.
  5. Provide students time to use the discussion prompts in their small groups.
  6. Have a brief class discussion about new ideas they started to think about stemming from the discussion. 
  7. Hand out the New Year’s Reflection Sheets and model responses under a document camera. 
  8. Give students independent work time to fill out their reflection sheets. 
  9. As time permits, conference with your students about their goals. 

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