Month: September 2017

Ideas For Teaching Informational and Argument Writing

Teaching students to properly write an effective argument can be difficult. Trying to balance this important skill along with teaching other forms of writing is also a balancing act. Read how other middle and high school teachers are teaching both of these writing forms in their classes. These ideas were

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Fall Themed Middle School Lessons

Summer and fall both rival each other for the favourite season spot in my heart. I love each season for different reasons. As a teacher, I love the fresh air and new school year that fall brings. It can be challenging to find quality lessons related to the season.  During

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How To Write Long Range Plans

Long Range Plans sometimes called Scope and Sequence are important for digging deeper into the curriculum (standards), and to ensure you cover all the required material before the end of the year. Here is my process for creating long range plans for the subjects I teach:   1. Print off

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