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Integrating Technology Into The English Language Arts Classroom

Learn about lots of strategies and ways to integrate technology into the classroom in a meaningful and engaging way.
Learn about lots of strategies and ways for integrating technology into the English language arts classroom in a meaningful and engaging way.
Technology can be integrated into any subject area. I love using technology in my ELA classroom to share assignments, reduce photocopying and help students show off their creativity when completing assignments.
Check out how other teachers are using technology in their English Language Arts classrooms by reading the questions and answers below from our #2ndaryELA Twitter Chat on Tech in the ELA Classroom.

Integrating Technology Into The English Language Arts Classroom

Q1: How has technology changed what and how you teach
  • Tech has allowed to me create more engaging lessons and differentiate my content more effectively. 
  • Not sure about the what, but my lessons are def more streamlined and engaging. Forces me to think in diff contexts.
  • I feel I can be more innovative with LP, and Ss have a larger range of how they choose to learn. 
  • Tech changed how I teach > what I teach, like using G.Classroom, Edmodo, Quizlet, Docs, etc. 
  • Makes learning more fun and gives easier access to resources. Also improves collaboration. This year I’ll be 1:1
  • Tech definitely makes interventions and differentiation easier, providing Ss reading passages at their level is invaluable 
  • Technology has created a way for me to give instant feedback to students! It’s also helped creation be normal in my class! 
  • Being a 1:1 iPad school completely transformed my teaching & I could never go back! Ss still need me, but tech is an amazing tool.
  • Tech has changed the way we discuss in the classroom – I love having digital discussions using Padlet and GoSoapBox.
Q2: What’s your most creative use of technology in your classroom?
  • I use tech to organize my lessons like a digital textbook see example
  • Putting students in the teacher role more often, especially when they make their Grammar Videos (Screencast-O-Matic & Google Slides)
  • Theme project with To Kill a Mockingbird. Uses Google Sites & other Google apps for ed. challenging & meaningful.
  • I’ve used Twitter chats with my AP students. We discussed a poem with other Ss around the US – makes the world smaller! 
  • Ss presented new vocabulary info in a format of their choosing. Some used Slides, Powtoon, Snapchat, etc. It was interesting. 
  • I use digital interactive notebooks for our lit units.
  • The use of Numbers (spreadsheet app). I’m able to provide every Ss a personalized learning plan for each unit.
  • I edited live with my students when I was in the hospital We were on Google docs.
  • A2 & 3 Breakouts are my favorite and most creative. My planning process:
  • A2 & 3 And resources if you want to create your own digital breakout

Q3: What are your favourite assignments to give your students that incorporate technology?
  • My students enjoyed using Google Slides to create a digital graffiti wall about the novel we were studying 
  • Book Snaps for annotation, collaborative Docs and Slides 
  • They also enjoy using technology like QR codes. I am still learning a lot about technology in the classroom. 
  • I have my Ss create Kahoots and other digital activities to help class review for vocabulary quizzes
  • Interactive presentations. Ss had to create an infographic using Piktochart and get the audience involved using tech.
  • I love assignments that encourage creativity and collaboration. Visual representations of thought. Makes Ss really think.
  • I had Ss research a Holocaust topic & create a presentation, which subbed an essay. Ss learned more w/o pressure of an essay. 
Q4: What do you do when technology isn’t working properly or the internet is down?
  • Always have a low tech backup!
  • If I can’t work around the problem, it’s bonus reading time. Always a go-to backup plan.
  • Read! Or have class discussions or do a mini-lesson. There’s always a backup plan.
  • Independent reading time!
  • Class discussions, reading, stations
  • Lessons should always focus on standards. If tech isn’t working I try to flip the lesson. I think quick and remain calm.
  • I go back to the “old school” techniques. When the technology goes down, our discussion increases significantly!
  • Always ALWAYS have a backup plan. Wifi goes down regularly.
  • I always try to be prepared with copies of texts and handouts. We have a lot of glitches with tech at our school.
  • Depends. Usually I try to have something that gets them interacting with each other (giant stickies on the wall for respond)
  • Remain calm!! Especially when starting integrating technology! Remember that ELA is the focus and tech is a tool!
Q5: Share your favourite free online technology resources.
  • Check out all these informative blog posts.
  • All the free resources @AppleEDU publishes
  • Google!! Padlet. Kahoot.
  • Lots of information in these blog posts
  • I loved using @ReadTheory this past year for reading interventions, exposure to test questions, and practice writing
  • I constantly follow a variety of hashtags on Twitter or FB groups for ELA and EdTech.
  • Socrative, TED talks, NY Times Room for Debate
  • I also love @Newsela! The free version is great and the pro version is better. Tool for the article of the week!
  • Quizizz, Autocrat extension, everything Google
  • Padlet, GoSoapBox, Piktochart, Vocaroo, CommonLit, Newsela, ReadWorks, Dogo News, TED talks

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