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How To Save Facebook Posts

Use the save feature on Facebook posts to remember valuable content from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Facebook posts can provide a lot of valuable content. It can be difficult to read it all at once, or remember to go back and look at your screenshots. Try using the save feature the next time you find great content on Facebook.

Click the image to watch a quick video tutorial on how to save Facebook posts for future use or read the transcription below.


I wanted to share with you, how to save a post in a Facebook group without writing “following” or putting an asterisk, or doing something else to the post that is distracting to the people who are trying to follow the thread.

1. All you need to do in any Facebook group when you are reading the threads if you find something that is interesting or that appeals to you, go to the right-hand side of the post and then there is a pull-down button.  

2. Pull the arrow down, and go to the flag that says save post.

3. From there, it ends up in your saved folder on the left-hand side of your Facebook screen. In your Facebook
screen, you have a saved section.  And, right then and there you can see what I’ve saved.  

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