5 Quick Dinner Ideas For Teachers

Try one of these five quick dinner ideas when you are too tired to cook but do not want to spend money on takeout.

Somedays I just don’t have the energy to make a real dinner for myself or my husband. I compiled a list of my quick and easy dinner ideas for when you have one of THOSE days. You know those days when you never sat down once, remembered to eat lunch or use the bathroom. Yes – those days are more common than teachers care to admit.

Meal # 1 – Sandwich and Chips 
A sandwich is a quick meal that takes almost no time to prepare.

Meal #2 – Grilled Cheese and Pickles
This is not the same as a regular sandwich because it’s a warm and delicious treat. If you have a portable grill or panini maker it will save you some dishes.

Meal #3 – Eggs and Toast
Eggs are a quick and easy dinner. You can go fancy with over easy or fast with boiled. Throw some toast in the toaster and you are set!

Meal #4 – Soup and Toast
During the winter, I eat my weight in soup. I cannot get enough warm food during the cold Canadian winter months. Open then can, heat up the contents and make some toast. Voila!

Meal #5 – Cereal 
Find a bowl and make yourself some hot or cold cereal. Add some fruit, nuts, seeds and milk of your choice to make this meal more complete.

Meal #6 – Popcorn (Ok, not really, but maybe?)
Does anyone else watch Scandal? In my first few years of teaching, Olivia Pope’s dinner of choice was a frequent flyer in my kitchen. I remember coming home and thinking it required too much energy to open the cupboard, located the popcorn and put it in the microwave. I definitely try to take better care of my body nowadays, but a popcorn dinner definitely happens sometimes.

I hope that you remember these meal ideas the next time you think about picking up dinner. Save time and money by making something quick at home.

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