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Year: 2016

Teacher Life Hack

Teachers spend a lot of money on school supplies each year. Don’t let your expensive novel sets get ruined by improper shelving and storage methods. Invest in a few good plastic bins that are compact and stack on top of one another. If you cannot find bins that stack, find

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Teacher Life Hack Coffee Can

Save your coffee cans to organize tall classroom supplies. I have used coffee cans to organize scissors, rulers, paint brushes. I love this teacher life hack because it is free storage for our classrooms. It is also very compact so it won’t take up too much space in your room.

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Teacher Life Hack Using Overhead Transparencies

Margo from Margo’s Math and More shared this great tip for using those left over overhead transparency sheets at your school. Turn unused overhead transparency sheets into overlays for comparing different fractions in picture form. Place the transparency sheets over one another to see how some fractions “fit” perfectly into

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Ideas for Teaching Vocabulary

Teaching vocabulary is an important part of any English class. We had a great #2ndaryELA Twitter chat last night about how to meaningfully teach vocabulary to our students. Most teachers agree that teaching vocabulary in the context of the novel or unit your class is currently studying is the most

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Teacher Life Hacks

I have been wanting to share this teacher life hack for a while now. As a rotary middle school teacher, I needed to develop a system to keep my marking piles organized and contained. I discovered that they fit nicely into the large zipper-lock bags that you can buy at

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Teacher Life Hacks Flipboard App

Leah from shared this great teacher life hack for keeping up with current events. As a sociology and world history teacher, I need to keep up with the news, and I need to dig deeper than the front page or just three or four sources. But as a wife,

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10 Tips for Dressing Well on a Teacher Budget

Teacher budgets are tight. We do not have a lot of extra cash each month. All over Instagram, I see teacher fashion influencers. I want all the clothes; however, my teacher’s salary does not allow me to have a lot of teacher fashion pieces. Teachers are professionals; therefore, it is

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