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Remembrance Day Lessons For All Grades

Fantastic engaging Remembrance Day lessons for all ages from the 2 Peas and a Dog blog.

Several bloggers have gotten together to share our best Remembrance Day lessons that can be adapted to suit the needs of various grade levels. What I love about this link-up is the variety of lesson ideas offered by the other teachers. In our classrooms today, students are working at all different areas and grade levels of the curriculum. The Remembrance Day lessons and ideas provided through this link-up can be adapted for all grade levels.

Remembrance Day Lessons


For Remembrance Day, my students work on a choral reading of A Prayer for the 21st Century by John Marsden. First, we read the poem out loud and analyze the meaning as a class. I break up the poem into six verses – I change the spacing so that every four lines is a new verse. Then I break the class up into six different groups where each learns a different verse of the poem. We present with the class standing in six rows facing forward. Students wear black pants and white shirts. It looks really dramatic and adds some creativity to a traditional activity like choral reading. This can be assessed for drama and/or oral presentation marks.

Song Lyrics Comparison

Extend your student’s thinking by having them break into groups to compare the song lyrics for Imagine by John Lennon with the poem A Prayer for the 21st Century by John Marsden. Many similar themes and ideas will come up. Then have a class discussion bringing together the ideas from the various groups.

Reading Resources & Post Cards for Peace

Another great resource for lesson plans is the Veterans Affairs Canada website. They have a detailed website with a variety of resources to help you plan your Remembrance Day activities and/or lessons. My Grade 7 and 8 students have enjoyed writing Postcards for Peace and reading the Canada Remembers Times in both French and English classes.

World War 1 Trench Life Simulation

On the Canadian War Museum website, they have created a simulation game to help students develop a greater understanding of life in the trenches during World War 1. Students read through different scenarios and make a choice between two options. Disclaimer: The website states that students will live through the realities of trench warfare.

If you are looking for an entire week of Remembrance Day lessons for older grade students, check out last year’s Remembrance Day blog post. It outlines the various stations: Song Lyric Analysis, Photo Stations, Videos, and Paragraph Responses that I use with my middle school students. These lessons can be adapted to work with younger or older audiences.

Remembrance Day Lessons – 2 Week Remembrance Day Unit

Help your students develop a deeper connection to Canadian Remembrance Day in this two-week-long middle and high school-focused teaching unit. Teachers are provided with ten in-depth, engaging and relevant multimedia Remembrance Day lessons to help their students explore and understand key concepts related to Remembrance Day. This resource contains individual PDFs of student pages to assist with online learning, i.e. Google Classroom. 

Find this resource on Shopify CAD and Teachers Pay Teachers USD.

Are you looking for other Canadian history resources? 

Click on the links below to visit other Canadian teacher-bloggers showcasing their ideas for Remembrance Day lessons.

Remembrance Day Resources For All Grades
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