Teacher Life Hack Reuse Product Packaging

Teacher Life Hack from the 2 Peas and a Dog Blog. Reuse product packaging to save money on storage supplies and containers.

Najda from Garden Full of Knowledge shared this great teacher life hack about re-purposing tea storage containers.

Our family loves tea.  We drink all types of tea.  Sometimes, Costco brings in a selection of specialty teas in these fancy tea boxes.  So, of course I can’t resist.  I get to drink fancy teas.  Once the box is empty, it gets put to good use.  I use my tea boxes as storage.  I store my jewellery in them; they have velour in each of the compartment, which makes it even more perfect.

In addition, these tea boxes can be used to store paper clips, thumb tacks, push pins, brads, etc.  They can even be used in the bathroom to store hair pins, cotton balls, etc. Or, give them to the handy person in your life to store screws, washers, etc.

What a great way to save money on storage supplies!

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