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Connect and Collaborative with Other Secondary English Language Arts Teachers

Don't be an island! Join other middle and high school ELA teachers in this collaborative Facebook group.

Sometimes in the teaching profession, you are lucky enough to be surrounded by colleagues who are eager to collaborate and a schedule that allows time for you to talk and plan together. Other times coworkers aren’t willing or interested in working together, there just isn’t the time to do so, or there isn’t anyone else at your school teaching the same course, subject, or grade. These are the times that are frustrating and even isolating for teachers who want to grow and share best practices.

During the summer of 2015, Kristy Avis and Brynn Allison (that’s us!) met online in a Twitter chat and we decided to start our own Twitter chat for middle school and high school English Language Arts teachers as a way to combat that frustration and isolation too many of us experience in teaching.

The weekly chats on topics such as teaching the classics, classroom management, avoiding teacher burnout, and using picture books at the secondary level were a source of inspiration in our classrooms and others’ across the country.



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